lunes, 6 de agosto de 2007


I begin considering the importance and the need for adding English language as a communicative tool and it´s recognized as a necessity of modern life. With this wide audience for English in the world increase the numbers of trained people to teach it, but are all of them well prepared with good English teaching positions,good methodology or pedagogical reaponsabilities? It´s very commun to see many traineers and places that pretend to reach a considerable level of English but they don´t do a detailed analysis of needs and goals of learners in this new and non native language, they´re so diverse. They perhaps form for general approaches; that does the difference. A GOOD ENGLISH TEACHER must be ready to solve every problem in every situation, he works based on particular necessities or learners´contexts, he believes moreover in his own ability to make decisions, he is becoming familiar with as many possible sources or materials and fits the approach to a particular set of student, and the most important thing, the teacher must be able to motivate to students to communicate or interact in English through a meanful methodology or pedagogical practices, besides he has to observe his own performances and to reflect on the classes too, the processes or learning must be evaluated all time, looks for perfectly combine the theory with the practice. In conclusion, a great english teacher must be a recognized professional any time, having a profile of responsability and compromise. That´s our big challenge, TO BE ONE OF THEM,but I´m sure of that, with the excellent guidance we will receive in the TEACHING DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME, that will be right!

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