martes, 14 de agosto de 2007


I begin this part of my journal with some important and personal considerations. They´re consequently the origin of some questions too. I spend a lot of time planning a very good lesson, selecting the correct materials, considering the appropriate time for each activity, analyzing very well the goals I think to reach with the topic and with the strategies I plan.
In other way, I always feel I´m doing the best; but what is happening with two or three of all the groups I have in my institution? (All of them are in the same level). I´m not glad with the work I´m doing there, all my efforts are useless, the students don’t appreciate them, on the contrary their behavior is worse, they don´t like anything although I tried to use some strategies in order to motivate them, as I spoke before in another part of this journal.
Other questions are: Why the levels of interaction are so different in each group if the conditions are apparently similar? Why do I let this situation be presented if I know plenty that each fellow, person or student is different or particular?
I really know many concepts or theories about learner´s characteristics, learner´s styles assignments and learner´s needs but the biggest problem I just understand is the articulation between these concepts and the practice, perhaps, hasn´t been very clear or evident as I though, moreover it´s prioritary the fact of doing some specific diagnosis or identify these special conditions in each group in order to improve the levels of learning, the discipline, the attitude, the interaction through a best methodology or didactic in my English’s classes, besides my own satisfaction.

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